Terms and Rules of Engagement

Please read carefully the following rules of engagement as they are binding. They refer to website projects and any graphic designs undertaken by us.

1. A final specification will be detailed before an agreement on price is made. The agreed price is then final.
2. An ivoice will be sent to the client detailing the work undertaken and what is going to be included in the delivered work (files format, printing if requested, delivery charges, etc.)
3. A 50% deposit for a website project, or a 100% fee for any graphics will be paid and cleared into the designing company's (DiaGK Design) bank account before any work starts. Our preferred method of payment is PayPal.
4. The remaining 50% for website project will be paid and cleared before any work gets delivered to the client.
5. The final 50% for the website will be billed when we have finished our part in the project to specifications, regardless of other delays out of our control.
6. A start date and end date will be agreed upon before work starts on the website. Every effort will be made on our behalf to keep to this deadline. Efforts will be made to inform the client if this deadline is unachievable.
7. It is the client's responsibility to check the website or the graphic design for errors and report them before client's final approval of the work.
8. Any extra required work will be quoted and the price added to the final 50% fee unless otherwise agreed.
9. The agreed fee is the minimum amount that will be charged.
10. Websites will be built and tested to support the latest version of Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox and Opera. Additional browser support will be reflected in the quote.
11. A rush fee will be applied if work is requested to be finished ahead of the previously agreed deadline. This fee will be negotiated before rush work is started.
12. In case of paying a deposit but not contacting us further regarding the work the deposit is non-refundable.
13. Any graphic design, including logo, leaflet, business card, etc. can be made in 2 versions to which you can request 3 changes. Any further change to a design will be treated as a request for a brand new design and you will be required to pay the full price.
14. As our designs are personalised and the drafts are submitted for your approval at every stage of the project we do not accept returns or issue refunds.
15. Paying the first deposit, or a full price as for logo, leaflet, business card design, acts as an agreement to the above terms.


last updated 31 December 2019